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I need financial assistance for a chemotheraphy

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Thank you for all your comments & prayers, it mean a lot for me. I am trying to approach our government health offices, they are also helping us look for sponsors, they don't have much fund to finance my medication. I was totally dismayed to be honest with our government.I've heared about in US or other countries, they're government are really accomodating to help their citizens who are sick, they can rceive medication without spending a single penny. But here, you cant even enter a hospital without downpayment. It will be better for me to go to non-government organizations, i think they can help me better. Thank you.

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Lord, Please heal Edna. Remove this plague far from her. Make her totally whole. Give her a miraculous healing. Provide for all of her needs. Amen.

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I just seen your post, and I too was in a similar dilemma, with stage III uterine cancer, no money, and no insurance. I dont have any money I can send you, believe me, i wish i could send it. Go to your state departement of human services, and ask for medical assistance--then apply for disability. When I took these two steps, I was able to get treatment for the cancer with no insurance or money upfront. I told the hospitals and doctors my "Medicaid was pending" every time they ask about insurance or a payment. A social worker at the hospital informed to take these steps, and if I were you, I would talk to the social worker at your hospital about any charity programs they might have. No one offered to tell me these things, I had to dig it out, but it worked for me, and I was approved for medical assistance. God bless and you are in my prayers.

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