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I need financial assistance for a chemotheraphy

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Lord, Please heal Edna. Remove this plague far from her. Make her totally whole. Give her a miraculous healing. Provide for all of her needs. Amen.

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I just seen your post, and I too was in a similar dilemma, with stage III uterine cancer, no money, and no insurance. I dont have any money I can send you, believe me, i wish i could send it. Go to your state departement of human services, and ask for medical assistance--then apply for disability. When I took these two steps, I was able to get treatment for the cancer with no insurance or money upfront. I told the hospitals and doctors my "Medicaid was pending" every time they ask about insurance or a payment. A social worker at the hospital informed to take these steps, and if I were you, I would talk to the social worker at your hospital about any charity programs they might have. No one offered to tell me these things, I had to dig it out, but it worked for me, and I was approved for medical assistance. God bless and you are in my prayers.

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